• Puppy Cube


    The projector that turns any flat surface

    into an interactive touchscreen

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Puppy Comes Fully Featured:


Multiple different uses

The Puppy Cube is perfect for educational environments, business presentations, portfolios, museums, churches, or even just pure entertainment!

New product in the U.S market

Leading Technology is the main Puppy distributor in the United States

A unique multipurpose product

You can use Puppy to watch a movie in a 100-inch HD screen, or project it on a table and use the touchscreen without damaging the surface.

Powered by Android

Any application that you can install in your Android phone, you can install it in Puppy. The options are endless.


Once you change the position of the Puppy projector, it automatically calibrates the screen to the most optimal position.

Puppy has received positive reviews from the following media:

Go on, get it!

The first units will arrive in the U.S in February 2019, so don’t miss out on the chance to get one!


10-Point AnyTouch

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